Welwyn Garden City half marathon

Most people haven’t heard of Welwyn Garden City. It’s where I live with my hubby and baby, a leafy “new town” in Hertfordshire. It hasn’t got any decent pubs, nor many decent restaurants or a cinema – but it’s nice enough, it’s surrounded by countryside, it’s an easy commute into London and property prices are not as staggering as in many other commuter belt towns. And it has a rather lovely John Lewis.

It doesn’t have, or certainly didn’t have to my knowledge, a half marathon event to its name. So, as I’m looking for a late spring half marathon to do, it was with a degree of excitement that I read of a forthcoming one in the local rag. It’s due to take place on 25 May. The route is flattish, out-and-back and around half of it will be off-route along a cycle path. 

Unfortunately, neither a Google search nor a Runner’s World event search throw up much useful information. So, if you are interested in entering or finding out a bit more info, allow me to point you in the direction of Hercules Events, who are putting on the event, part of the Welwyn Hatfield Festival of Sport. There is also a triathlon, 100k cyclo-sportive, various open water swims, 10k run and 1.5k fun run taking place on the same day. Who knew?

If I am fit enough (more about that in another post), I will be entering.

Just don’t ask me where to go for a celebratory pint afterwards.


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    Jo, I love your bloggette! I had no idea that runners world doesn’t throw up anything about us as we have taken out an advert with them coming out in February and we are also listed on the events on their website. Must go and check what has happened to that listing.

    When you google Half Marathon, Welwyn Garden City, we do pop up about the 7th entry down but still on the first page and the link takes you to our web page. Must go pay someone to get us to come up higher in the listings:)

    Thanks for taking the trouble to blog about our event. Please do take the trouble to introduce yourself to me on registration day when you come and pick up your race kit. I look forward to meeting you.

    Thanks, Gifty

    • says

      Thanks for reading! Yep, might be worth looking into both things. Runners’ World tends to be the first place I look for info on events, so you should definitely get your listing right there (I searched for “Welwyn” in the keywords and “half marathon” in the distance box and there were no results found).

      I’m no search expert, but one of the potential issues could be the URL (Hercules Events is completely meaningless if an individual is searching for “Welwyn Garden City half marathon” or “Hatfield triathlon” or whatever) – might be worth investing in a few other domains (welwynhalfmarathon.com, welwynhatfieldtriathlon.com, etc) and just redirecting those at the master site. Also, maybe think about the terms people are likely to be searching for (i.e. the individual events/distances rather than “Festival of Sport”), and make sure they are liberally sprinkled around the site. Both of those things should help increase your ranking naturally, rather than you having to pay for Google Adwords.

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