Weekend running routine, before and after having a baby

Before Baby:

  1. Have lie-in.
  2. Drink tea and eat breakfast with Husband.
  3. Go for run together, chatting about this and that.
  4. Return home, stretch thoroughly and enjoy cup of coffee.
  5. Indulge in a pleasant-smelling warm bath.
  6. Enjoy leisurely brunch comprised of carefully chosen protein and carbs with Husband while reading weekend papers in companionable silence.
  7. Later than day, type up blog post while enjoying a glass of wine.

After Baby:

  1. Woken up at 5.30am by chuntering Baby (very cute, granted, but still…it’s 5.30am).
  2. Feed Baby, wind Baby, play with Baby, try to get Baby to sleep so you and Husband can eat breakfast together. Fail.
  3. Scoff a bit of toast while Husband entertains Baby. Swop over.
  4. Feed Baby.
  5. Hand Baby to Husband while you go for your run.
  6. Arrive home to slightly whingey Baby.
  7. Feed Baby whilst trying to avoid dripping sweat onto her face.
  8. Grab quick shower while Husband burps Baby.
  9. Take Baby so Husband can go for his run.
  10. Eat post-run snack comprising some out-of-date yoghurt, a handful of raspberries and five McVities Cheddars. Essentially whatever you can find and eat one-handed.
  11. Type blog post with two fingers while standing up rocking Baby and looking mournfully at yesterday’s as-yet-unread paper.

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