Janathon, day 16 – fuelled by paella

Day 16 in the Janathon house…over half-way then Janathoners. After a really rather tasty paella-cum-risotto (didn’t have any paella rice) complete with the biggest tiger prawns you’ve ever seen in your life from Costco, I slept like a log. Turned out, the paella (followed by bagels for breakfast) was ample fuel for a reasonably hard […]

Power Plate

I’m still on sabbatical from British Military Fitness, so back to the gym I went last week, three times before work. It was touch and go whether I would go back after day one, when I witnessed a completely naked woman actually body-brushing every single crevice in the changing room. Right next to my stuff. […]

5k challenge progress

At the end of last year, I made some sort of sweeping statement about getting my 10k time down below 50 minutes. I haven’t made much progress in this respect. Instead, I’ve been using my sporadic visits to the gym when I’m not spinning to monitor my 5k times (historically a lazy 30 mins). My […]

Treadhill challenge

Haven’t been to the gym for ages, but went Wednesday morning as I couldn’t make my normal British Military Fitness class in the evening. Swerved spinning because the instructor taking the class wasn’t one of the best ones, and had a bit of a go on one of the X-dream bikes – until I got […]

New music and my first run for two weeks

Today was a good day. Everyone at work was in a fab mood, the birds were twittering outside my office window, Brenda (my plant) was very happy basking in the sunshine and a client said “thank you”. I also discovered Spotify today. That is to say that I’d heard the name quite a bit but […]

Jogging at the gym

Missed British Military Fitness yesterday as I was feeling a bit under the weather, but felt sufficiently better to go back to the gym today. Ran for 45 minutes on the treadmill, but didn’t get an accurate distance because I paused it part-way through to talk to an instructor (“oooh” she said “are you back […]

Running: a matter of life and death

US researchers say running can slow the ageing process after tracking 500 older runners and non-runners for 20 years. 34 per cent of the non-runners had popped their clogs by the end of the survey, compared to 15 per cent of runners. Professor James Fries, from the University of California, said: “If you had to […]