Janathon, day 9

There was some energetic playtime involving cast members from Toy Story 3 and Cars with a six- and two-year-old on Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately it didn’t really make up for eating our bodyweight in beef during the course of Saturday evening (steak and chips) and Sunday lunch (roast beef and all the trimmings). So, having […]

Juneathon – days 27, 28 & 29 (erratic)

I’ve been having difficulty finding the time to write my Juneathon blogs as well as do the actual Juneathon exercise – or rather, last night I caught up on Hotel Babylon via the iPlayer, instead of updating my blog. That’s one of my few guilty TV secrets – quite a big one given that I […]

Juneathon – day 16 (legs akimbo)

Came home, procrastinated for a while about what to do for Juneathon, ruled out a run as I was already a bit late home from work, and decided on the Swiss ball. Instead of working the abs again, I opted for some leg strenthening exercises. Three sets of 10 (30) of the following: Squat against […]

Juneathon – day 11 (abs-tastic)

This evening will be a busy one so – as per the rules of Juneathon – I had to fit in my exercise elsewhere. I opted for another early morning  abs session, very similar to Tuesday’s. Straight crunches (2  sets of 20) – 40 in total Oblique crunches (20 each side) – 40 Reverse leg […]

Juneathon – day nine

A public statement of intention really works; no, I didn’t want to get out of bed at 6.45 this morning to do some exercise, but I had committed to it last night on the blog…and that’s what Juneathon is all about, right? I did around 20 minutes’ work on my abs and core. Here are […]