Janathon, day 9

There was some energetic playtime involving cast members from Toy Story 3 and Cars with a six- and two-year-old on Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately it didn’t really make up for eating our bodyweight in beef during the course of Saturday evening (steak and chips) and Sunday lunch (roast beef and all the trimmings). So, having […]

Getting better

I’ve managed to restore some semblance of normality to my exercise regime again, after a couple of weeks of doing not a lot. I’ve been much better at doing the exercises the osteopath gave me – primarily aimed at stretching out the hip flexors and glutes – over the past week, so hopefully won’t get […]

DIY spinning class

I found myself at the gym slightly later than usual on Friday morning. I had a day off for a wedding later on, and thought I’d get an exercise unit in before I hit the wedding vino. I didn’t feel much like running but I’d missed the early spinning class so – with the spinning […]

What to do with over-ripe bananas

I was told off this evening at British Military Fitness for not updating my blog for nearly a week. Ooops. Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t been sitting around being a lard-arse – honest. Friday – spinning with Matt at Pulse8. Best instructor there by a country mile, because he really uses the music to […]

Juneathon – day 30 (the end)

JogBlog made it quite clear earlier today that Juneathoners had to run on the last day of Juneathon, so I donned my trainers when I got home from work and ran about two and a half miles around the block. Not exactly a world-beating time or distance, but I was already feeling a bit stiff […]

Fitness update

I’ve been a bit quiet on the old blog recently – a combination of a busy period at work and more interesting things to do at weekends. Haven’t made it to British Military Fitness recently because of work commitments, but have been back to the gym and done a couple of runs (early-morning 5k challenges […]

Rest and routine

It took a few days to recover from the Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride, to the extent that I did nothing on the exercise front for almost a week and took the opportunity to rest. Back into some semblance of a routine since then: Sunday, 19 April – 4.5-mile run around Hampstead Heath (tried out […]