Skiing in La Thuile

I have a love-hate relationship with skiing. On a good day, I find it exhilarating to zoom downhill, can’t wait to get on back on a lift to go again, then stop off for a hot chocolate, or get some much needed winter sun on my face while lolloping in a deckchair with a Snickers […]

Ice age

In years to come, we’ll look¬† back on the last week or so with fondness. Right now, I’m struggling to find anything positive to say about the leftover dirty slush, freezing temperatures at night and perma-drizzle during the day. Last week, I had every intention of maintaining the two-British-Military-Fitness-classes-and-two-runs-a-week routine that I established during the […]

Snow angels

Last weekend, I pondered the point at which “global warming” became “climate change”. Quite a significant rebrand that happened when no one was looking, I thought. I got to grips with the concept last night at a British Military Fitness class which featured snow, torrential ice-cold rain, thunder and lightning all in the space of […]

Have you counted up your units?

I have. And even though I don’t drink Monday-Thursday as a rule, I still manage to regularly exceed the recommended alcohol allowance for women during the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s not that hard if you drink half a bottle of wine three nights running, plus the odd gin and tonic. :-/ Hmmm. […]

British Military Fitness in the snow

Did it! Much as this goes against my basic need to be wrapped up warm with no skin in contact with ice, I couldn’t really think of a good enough excuse not to go to the British Military Fitness class today. It hadn’t snowed any more overnight, the roads were pretty clear and I was […]

Run? In this weather? I don’t think so…

Here’s the view from my flat yesterday morning. I didn’t fancy either a run or British Military Fitness by the evening to be honest.¬† So I walked around a graveyard with The Red Bucket and ate some Lindt balls instead.