The final countdown

This evening marked my final British Military Fitness session with the Prospect Park massive. It was a comfortable 13°C when I got out of the car, and spirits were running high… …until Instructor Dan told us we were all doing the fitness assessment, due to lack of additional staff. I actually thought it was a […]

All change

I’ve spent the past few weeks preparing for two big moves: a new job and a new home. In theory, I should have had more time for running and blogging during my notice period; but I’ve been packing, decorating, moving a colossal amount of stuff into Phil’s house, having boring meetings with surveyors and solicitors, […]

Have you counted up your units?

I have. And even though I don’t drink Monday-Thursday as a rule, I still manage to regularly exceed the recommended alcohol allowance for women during the course of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It’s not that hard if you drink half a bottle of wine three nights running, plus the odd gin and tonic. :-/ Hmmm. […]

This time last year…

…it had been snowing. Weird then, that I did British Military Fitness on Wednesday wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and cropped trousers. Lovely mild night it was. It’ll be a massive shock when the weather does finally get cold. For now, I’m enjoying global warming. The conversation turned to Christmas over a beer in the pub […]

British Military Fitness goes large

Hot on the heels of the new Tuesday class in Prospect Park, tonight Steve threatened promised a new Sunday class too. I was too overwhelmed by the possibility of BMF-ing it five days on the trot to digest when the Sunday class will start, but no doubt it will be well attended. Tonight there were […]

New British Military Fitness class in Prospect Park, Reading

For those who missed the announcement on Wednesday or newbies who are interested in signing up to British Military Fitness, there will be a new class starting next week on Tuesday, 1 September at 7pm. We don’t bite – not even the instructors – so why not come along for your free trial session? Classes […]