How not to train for the Reading half marathon

Get yourself a new job a few months before your scheduled half marathon. Start commuting on busy trains with Other People instead of driving yourself to work with no one else in the vicinity. Pick up several colds that hamper training, just as you should be ramping up the mileage. Attempt Janathon, but don’t worry […]

Half marathon training progress

After a two-week period of very little exercise – I managed only a couple of gym sessions¬† featuring the 5k challenge (I’m down to 26:47, which isn’t brilliant but is ok after being unwell) – it’s approaching decision-time on the Reading half marathon. I so desperately want to break two hours but with various bugs, […]

Janathon, days 29-31 – the end

So after complete failure on day 28, day 29 wasn’t much better. I booked a gym induction, but felt rubbish – a little warm-up on the cross-trainer and treadmill, followed by a few pathetic weights. One quite nifty feature of the machines in the gym is a TDS key that you can pop into the […]

Racing post

Decision time: I’ve made up my mind to do the Reading half marathon next March with my little brother, who has in turn promised to help me crack two hours. Watch this space. I’ve also signed up for the Great Manchester Run – a 10k in May – and an excuse to meet up with […]

Reading versus Hastings

My race tally this year has been nothing short of pathetic. After that terrible Riotrunner race (click for the race photo of the year), I tried to gear up for the Reading half marathon, only to sprain my ankle a couple of weeks before the day. That injury also ruled me out of the Hambledon […]

Reading Half Marathon (how to be a good race supporter)

I should be writing my race review after yesterday’s Reading Half, but it wasn’t meant to be this year. Instead, I am congratulating my brother and Phil on an excellent race. With a little help from my brother (whose PB is 1:36 over the half marathon distance), Phil managed to run his own PB of […]

“You look about 100 years old,”

…said British Military Fitness buddy Mick, referring to THAT Riotrunner photo, last week. To be quite honest, three miles into a run on Saturday afternoon, I felt about 100 years old too. That was shortly before I slumped, sobbing melodramatically, in the middle of the road, while Phil looked on helplessly. I was freezing, my […]

The importance of running races

My race tally this year hasn’t been quite as good as in previous years – just five to date with one more lined up for the weekend: Hardwick X-Stream 10k (February) Reading HM (March) Bracknell Forest 5 (June) Hampstead Midsummer 10k (June) Hellrunner (November) GRIM Challenge 8 (this Sunday) I’ve realised that this made me […]

Race report: Reading Half Marathon

Yesterday, I ran the Reading Half Marathon in two hours and seven minutes. Some way off the 2:01 achieved at Reading two years ago, but not nearly as bad as some of my worst half marathon performances. I said prior to the race that I’d be happy with 2:10, so I was pretty chuffed with […]

Another half of a half marathon

If I was running a 10k race on Sunday, I wouldn’t be worried; I’ve done a fair few six and seven-milers over the past few weeks. Today, I was on a top secret mission which I can’t talk about here in case my Mum is reading my blog. However, top secret mission complete, I was […]