Power Plate

I’m still on sabbatical from British Military Fitness, so back to the gym I went last week, three times before work. It was touch and go whether I would go back after day one, when I witnessed a completely naked woman actually body-brushing every single crevice in the changing room. Right next to my stuff. […]

DIY spinning class

I found myself at the gym slightly later than usual on Friday morning. I had a day off for a wedding later on, and thought I’d get an exercise unit in before I hit the wedding vino. I didn’t feel much like running but I’d missed the early spinning class so – with the spinning […]

What to do with over-ripe bananas

I was told off this evening at British Military Fitness for not updating my blog for nearly a week. Ooops. Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t been sitting around being a lard-arse – honest. Friday – spinning with Matt at Pulse8. Best instructor there by a country mile, because he really uses the music to […]

Treadhill challenge

Haven’t been to the gym for ages, but went Wednesday morning as I couldn’t make my normal British Military Fitness class in the evening. Swerved spinning because the instructor taking the class wasn’t one of the best ones, and had a bit of a go on one of the X-dream bikes – until I got […]

Juneathon – days 25 & 26 (a mixed bag)

I did intend to do some Juneathon exercise yesterday evening, but failed – instead I cleared two months’ worth of paperwork and filled up a bin bag full of shredded bank statements . I think I’d rather have done the exercise actually. But it did need doing and, by the time I’d done that, it […]

Jogging at the gym

Missed British Military Fitness yesterday as I was feeling a bit under the weather, but felt sufficiently better to go back to the gym today. Ran for 45 minutes on the treadmill, but didn’t get an accurate distance because I paused it part-way through to talk to an instructor (“oooh” she said “are you back […]

Going for gold

Congratulations to the GB team for bringing home 19 gold medals out of a total of 47. What a fantastic boost to the 2012 team, and a thorough “up yours” to all of the people moaning about how much money the Games will cost us. Isn’t it all worth it? I’m not a big sport […]

A week at Pulse8

It’s become apparent that there is a hardcore group of gym bunnies at my gym – Pulse8 – who turn up every single morning without fail. I thought I’d try to emulate this myself and resolved to go every morning for a week. It didn’t start well: I was a tiny bit hungover on Monday […]

The X-bike

“We’re going to christen these bikes with our SWEAT!” yelled Shyam over Candi Staton at Pulse8 this morning. The 35 people perched on the spanking new Trixter X-bikes in front of him looked slightly nervous; he’s a nutty spinning instructor at the best of times. The X-bikes have the same tilting handlebars as the X-dreams, […]

New beginnings

It’s been a while since I wrote a post, but my life has been a bit up and down of late. I’ve moved house, joined a new gym and put my hand up for a number of events as part of the Septathlon Challenge. They include the Hastings Half Marathon, London-Brighton bike ride, British 10k, […]