The final countdown

This evening marked my final British Military Fitness session with the Prospect Park massive. It was a comfortable 13°C when I got out of the car, and spirits were running high… …until Instructor Dan told us we were all doing the fitness assessment, due to lack of additional staff. I actually thought it was a […]

Juneathon, day 9 (man-traps in the park)

I seem to have previously missed the Juneathon rule about doing the actual blogging bit On The Appropriate Day. Is this a new one this year JogBlog? Thanks to people like me, The Independent Adjudicator, aka iliketocount, is having terrible trouble keeping up. So anyway, back to Wednesday. I did actually go to British Military […]

Snow angels

Last weekend, I pondered the point at which “global warming” became “climate change”. Quite a significant rebrand that happened when no one was looking, I thought. I got to grips with the concept last night at a British Military Fitness class which featured snow, torrential ice-cold rain, thunder and lightning all in the space of […]

The definition of optimism?

Prospect Park. 9 November. Around 7.50pm. It’s cold; maybe 5°C. The only people in the park are the BritMilFit Reading crew (soaking wet, teeth chattering after Delta/Charlie fire team drills with Tom, and it looks like we might be about to do fartlek with Dan); and some hoodies letting off dodgy fireworks. Even the dog […]

British Military Fitness goes large

Hot on the heels of the new Tuesday class in Prospect Park, tonight Steve threatened promised a new Sunday class too. I was too overwhelmed by the possibility of BMF-ing it five days on the trot to digest when the Sunday class will start, but no doubt it will be well attended. Tonight there were […]

New British Military Fitness class in Prospect Park, Reading

For those who missed the announcement on Wednesday or newbies who are interested in signing up to British Military Fitness, there will be a new class starting next week on Tuesday, 1 September at 7pm. We don’t bite – not even the instructors – so why not come along for your free trial session? Classes […]

Juneathon – day 15

Despite feeling knackered after the weekend away, I dragged myself over to Prospect Park for a British Military Fitness class last night. And really enjoyed it. Good mix of running around, hill sprints, abs, leg strengthening and upper body work with Dan and Johnny. In a moment of drama, one girl had a panic attack […]


Went to British Military Fitness tonight. For the first time in four weeks. Elected to go with the green fitties. Three days after running a half marathon. = Not big. Not clever. That said, it was a lovely evening, and it’s fab to see Prospect Park in a lighter, warmer setting. Good to see so […]

Back in the saddle

After spinnning on Friday, did a 4(ish)-mile run on Saturday morning (a bit tough but not as bad as expected), an hour’s worth of ice skating at the Natural History Museum (harder than it looks on Strictly Come Celebrity X-Factor on Ice, or whatever it is) and DIY circuits on Sunday morning (ending with a […]

Men in boots

I decided I quite like being bossed about by men wearing boots and camouflage trousers, so I signed up to British Military Fitness classes last week. Then failed to go to the Wednesday class because I was drinking wine and eating curry with friends; then failed to go on Saturday as well because I was […]