Sunday morning swims in the Magic Pool

My pregnancy running regime ground to a halt at 28 weeks when I was struck down by a hideous stomach bug, followed swiftly by a cold that wiped me out for over two weeks. We were pretty busy for a few weekends after that and, whereas pre-pregnancy I would normally shoehorn in some exercise either […]

Pregnancy running playlist

There’s something quite liberating about running with absolutely no need or desire to improve your times, and even the music I listen to no longer matters. No need to include my classic power tracks, or songs that are a certain tempo for motivation. So I’m listening to our wedding playlist at the moment. And I’m […]

So you’re pregnant? To run or not to run…

One of the things I’ve discovered, 17 weeks in, is that pregnancy is a highly emotive subject. I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise: rather like planning a wedding, everyone has an opinion on how you should/shouldn’t do it, and they can be rather forceful. To drink or not to drink alcohol; c-sections vs. vaginal […]

Heaton Park Parkrun Run

I’m no doubt late to the Parkrun party, having only recently become vaguely aware of the organisation through a couple of Twitter buddies. The concept, for those even more behind the times than me, is simple but rather fabulous: a free, timed 5k race that takes place at 9am every Saturday morning in parks around […]

Running and pregnancy: my first trimester

I was doing quite well on the running and fitness front over the summer. I was in reasonable shape for our wedding at the end of June and even went to the gym three times on honeymoon (admittedly under duress). Post-honeymoon, I’d signed up for an October half-marathon in Leicester, and I was on track […]