30-day plank challenge: a cure for cabin fever?

30-day plank challenge chart

I’ve got cabin fever. Haven’t been running for four weeks now, following surgery on my…ahem…nether regions. Let’s just say some repair work was required after Baby was born last May.┬áSince clients and colleagues may be reading this, we’ll skip the gory details and leave it there. All rather inconvenient, since I was hoping to complete […]

Weekend running routine, before and after having a baby

Before Baby: Have lie-in. Drink tea and eat breakfast with Husband. Go for run together, chatting about this and that. Return home, stretch thoroughly and enjoy cup of coffee. Indulge in a pleasant-smelling warm bath. Enjoy leisurely brunch comprised of carefully chosen protein and carbs with Husband while reading weekend papers in companionable silence. Later […]

Running after having a baby: my top tips

I managed two more little runs at the weekend – a 2.5-miler and a 3-miler, both very local to where we live so I could stagger home if it all got too much. It’s very early days, but I feel better with each run – both psychologically and physically. So here are my top tips […]

Sit-up #fail

My trainer tried to get me to do a sit-up on Monday. I couldn’t do it. Not even a little bit. I used to do dozens of them when I was doing British Military Fitness regularly. This upset me a bit. Then I thought, I went from this: To this: In nine months. No wonder […]

On the (slow) road to recovery

Twelve weeks ago today, I gave birth to a perfect little girl, a much-wanted first child for Phil and I. I’ll spare you the details of the sleepless nights, epic poos and the bit of sick that has become a permanent feature on my left shoulder. Suffice it to say, I wouldn’t have it any […]

A change of pace

Daddy-to-be and I often joke that we live our lives “just in time”. I get up just in time to shower; wash, dry and straighten my hair; get dressed and do my make-up. Phil gets up 15 minutes later, just in time to get into the shower I have just stepped out of. I leave […]

Sunday morning swims in the Magic Pool

My pregnancy running regime ground to a halt at 28 weeks when I was struck down by a hideous stomach bug, followed swiftly by a cold that wiped me out for over two weeks. We were pretty busy for a few weekends after that and, whereas pre-pregnancy I would normally shoehorn in some exercise either […]

Training for two

Finally, a gym top that fits me and Bump… There is a range of these tops available at fortwofitness over in the States, but ordering from there incurs a $40 postage fee for those of us living in Blighty. I got mine from fitnfabulous – limited styles and colours, but normal UK P&P fee. The […]

Me and Bump go to the gym

I haven’t been going to the gym much of late, preferring instead to blow away the cobwebs with short outdoor runs. But the descending temperatures last weekend sent me scurrying round to Gosling, only to find my membership had lapsed in early December. Oops. The nice lady on reception let me in anyway, and I […]

Pregnancy running playlist

There’s something quite liberating about running with absolutely no need or desire to improve your times, and even the music I listen to no longer matters. No need to include my classic power tracks, or songs that are a certain tempo for motivation. So I’m listening to our wedding playlist at the moment. And I’m […]