“You look about 100 years old,”

…said British Military Fitness buddy Mick, referring to THAT Riotrunner photo, last week. To be quite honest, three miles into a run on Saturday afternoon, I felt about 100 years old too. That was shortly before I slumped, sobbing melodramatically, in the middle of the road, while Phil looked on helplessly. I was freezing, my […]

Ice ice baby

During my follow-up appointment with the osteopath on Monday, we started talking about the merits of stretching before running. The perceived wisdom seems to be that it could be damaging, or at the very least has no beneficial effect, to do static stretches – though Simon says this is mostly based on one small study […]

Plain lazy

Despite spending half the weekend hoofing furniture from Leicester, via Reading, to London, my back’s feeling a lot better. I haven’t been terribly good at doing the exercises the osteopath gave me – partly because I didn’t remember the details and was waiting for them to arrive through the post, and partly because I just […]

Back trouble – the verdict from the osteopath

Reading iliketocount’s list of ailments, I thought I might have been a bit of a wimp about the pain in my bum but, after a couple of low-impact sessions at the gym this week, – exercise bike/cross-trainer/stepper on Tuesday and a spinning class yesterday – my back/bottom was feeling worse than ever. So I traipsed […]

A pain in the bum

The rest of the weekend was a write-off exercise wise. I wasn’t even hungover, having taken the decision to drive to the wedding on Friday – but Phil was feeling peaky and my back got a little worse, rather than better. Standing in the spa pool on Friday, I directed the water jets in various […]