Race report: London-Brighton bike ride

Yesterday I completed my first race on two wheels, by finishing the London-Brighton bike ride alongside 26,999 other people. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect to be honest as I’ve only ever “raced” around a course on two legs. Here’s my good, bad and ugly race report… The good Remembering on Sunday morning as […]


Having failed to get up early enough at any point this week to get the gym, I did manage to drag myself out of bed for one last spinning class before the London-Brighton bike ride on Sunday. As always, I was glad I made the effort once I got there. A different instructor took the […]

New challenge

I’m feeling more confident about the London-Brighton bike ride in ten days’ time, having been out again last weekend for a reasonable 15-ish mile ride. OK, it’s nowhere near the distance but at least I don’t feel like I’m going to hit the deck again every time I turn the handlebars. I felt noticeably more […]

Easy rider

Last Saturday I decided it was time for a “proper” bike ride, so headed up to my parents and went out with my Dad. He cycles several times a week to meet the other retired old gits at the “nursing home” (in reality a garden centre that makes homemade scones and beans on toast for […]


It’s been a week since my last blog. Contrary to probable assumptions, I have done some exercise; just been too busy at work to write about it. After my spinning class last Saturday, I headed out with some friends to the Reading Beer Festival. Only we didn’t quite make it, due to excessive queues, so […]

Finding my legs

Enough is enough: it’s time I got myself in shape for the St Albans Half Marathon on 8 June and London-Brighton bike ride on 15 June. I managed a spinning class on Friday when I was at the very lovely Henlow Grange with my Mum, and again on Monday at the gym. Then got back […]

A date with the tarmac

Having had a few weeks off exercise following a bout of the flu, I’ve done five or six spinning classes over the past couple of weeks to start preparing myself for the London-Brighton bike ride. It’s been good to get back into the gym especially after putting on a few pounds and I enjoy the […]