Juneathon (aborted)

As regular readers might have gathered, I failed in my Juneathon mission mid-way through the month. After the chav-spotting escapade on day 13, I did follow up with two back-to-back British Military Fitness sessions on days 14 and 15. However, it was game over after that. Friends in need, pressure of work – there are […]

Juneathon, day 13 (chav spotting)

By Sunday morning, I was up at Phil’s for a five-miler around his neighbourhood. We decided have a friendly bet on the number of houses bedecked with England flags, which he cannot stand what with their thuggish connotations. I’m not a big fan either – give me a Union Jack any day – but it’s […]

Juneathon, day 12 (inspired by others)

It was all going downhill at the end of the working week. I just can’t quite manage to fit in work, running, blogging and social life – not to mention food – every single day. However, I resolved to try harder when reading the exploits others. The likes of TravellingHopefully and FitArtist are putting me […]

Juneathon, day 10 (complete fail)

It’s all going downhill after a relatively promising start. I was in London for a conference yesterday, and took the opportunity of a rare mid-week catch-up with the fella. Instead of Juneathoning, we had fish and chips at the Brill Grill and shared a bottle of wine. Bugger.

Juneathon, day 9 (man-traps in the park)

I seem to have previously missed the Juneathon rule about doing the actual blogging bit On The Appropriate Day. Is this a new one this year JogBlog? Thanks to people like me, The Independent Adjudicator, aka iliketocount, is having terrible trouble keeping up. So anyway, back to Wednesday. I did actually go to British Military […]

Juneathon, day 8 (when cake hurts)

I love cake. However, I can tell you with certainty that sometimes you shouldn’t eat it. Not just over an hour before a Juneathon run anyway. I succumbed to the lure of a white chocolate and raspberry muffin accompanied by a (skinny) latte at Costa Coffee at Paddington this afternoon after a meeting so boring […]

Juneathon, day 7 (all aboard the train to Pressupsville)

“Beautiful evening,” Instructor Dan said, as two sideways raindrops landed inside my left ear, thereby proving the point that British Military Fitness instructors occasionally lack a full grasp of reality. They also possess a faint disregard for the fitness of mere mortals. This evening’s session incorporated 3.4 miles of running, and well over 150 press-ups, […]

Juneathon, day 6 (in need of support)

Following the wedding party yesterday, we stayed overnight in a hotel about three miles away – leaving the car at the venue and getting a lift back with friends to the hotel. So, it was up and out this morning to run back to get the car. Only I’d forgotten to pack a sports bra, […]

Juneathon, day 5 (down to Dinton Pastures)

After my unscheduled stomp back home last night, it was a bit of a lazy start. But, with Juneathon in mind, Phil and I went out for the 5-mile run down to Dinton Pastures, round the first lake and back along the river again. It was humid and I was a bit dehydrated, so it […]