Janathon, days 25-28 – under the weather

Is there a Janathon lurgy doing the rounds? If so, I’ve succumbed to it too. Felt peaky on Wednesday, slightly worse on Thursday and awful on Friday morning. Decided to work from home yesterday to avoid the cold air and more germs, and didn’t leave the house all day. So, 28 January was the first […]

Janathon, day 24 – did they get the memo?

I had the luxury of a day off work on Monday, and was able to spend it exactly as I wanted. I spent two hours tidying the house, hoovered right through and even Cleaned The Bathroom. Given that I absolutely bloody hate cleaning, I felt quite saintly by the end of all that. Then, after […]

Janathon, days 22-23 – missing my mojo

Phil and I were up in Huddersfield this weekend, visiting a friend. We did a short 2.5-mile loop at 7am yesterday before getting on the train to The North, then the three of us did another run this morning. Two of the worst runs I’ve done in some time. Saturday’s was short and lethargic, but […]

Janathon, days 17-21 – how to walk in London

I seem to have some catching up to do on the blog. It’s been a busy week, with trips to Staines, Warrington and Huddersfield. I know, the glamour… However, in between times, I reckon I have mastered the art of efficient walking down busy streets in London and through a packed King’s Cross at rush […]

Janathon, day 11 – tonight it’s ladies’ night…

But only at the Body Pump class and the candlelit swim session. Sadly, the Pump class was already underway when Phil and I arrived due to me getting muddled up with the timings, so we headed to the gym. But someone had swiped all the girls, leavingĀ  a load of boys covered in tattoos, pumping […]

Janathon, day 10 – walkies

The start of another week, and back to the walking commute, thankfully drier than Friday’s. One runner of note: a chap pushing really quite a small baby in a little pram, wearing a loose flappy singlet and a small pair of shorts (the runner not the baby). Did he miss the memo about winter? Janathon […]

Janathon, day 8 – 10k challenge

Cold and gloomy again Saturday morning, so sought sanctuary in the gym. Thought I might reinstate the 5k and 10k challenges, and completed 10k in 59:02. Some way to go to break that two-hour mark at the Reading half marathon, but at least I’m building up my mileage. Janathon activity: 10k run Time: 59:02

Janathon, day 7 – weariness and wine

Didn’t get around to blogging yesterday evening; I was drinking wine and eating curry. Was also feeling quite weary – mentally after all of four days of work; and physically after the onslaught of exercise that my poor body is not really used to. Nevertheless, I had extended my very wet walking commute with another […]

Janathon, day 5 – kickboxing

It was seeing half the class taking their shoes off that gave me – metaphorically speaking – cold feet about trying kickboxing for the first time. As they all peeled off their socks and the instructor started winding tape round his hands and wrists, Phil and I inched back towards the door. Several other people […]