How to run with a running buggy


I’ve been running with the Baby Jogger Summit X3 for a year now. A full review is frankly long overdue, but in summary it’s been a fab purchase. But when I bought it, I couldn’t find much info on how to actually run with it. So here are my top tips* for running with a […]

Introducing Team Steam – running (and ironing) the Hastings Half Marathon for St Michael’s Hospice

For those of you with a memory for the bizarre, you might remember a short-lived craze of the early Noughties called “extreme ironing”  – which was described as “an adrenaline sport that combined the thrill of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt”. Stay with me here… The basic premise was […]

Review: Fox’s Mini Melts & Rocky Rocks

School dinners in my time were of the pre-Jamie-makeover variety: deep-fried, chips with everything. After two days at secondary school, my Mum switched me to packed lunches and off I went every day with my tupperware box containing a round of sandwiches, some fruit and one Treat. Sandwich fillings were typically Heinz sandwich spread, corned […]

Recipe: plum crumble

I would blog about doing some exercise, but I haven’t done any this week following an upset tummy on Tuesday. I’m fine now, so I’ll blog about food. I’ve eaten a lot this weekend. After a trip to Phil’s parents’ yesterday, we came back with what seemed like a car-load of plums from their garden. […]


It’s been a while readers, but I’m back. Nothing sinister; just not been running or blogging much. It hasn’t been all work and no play (though sometimes it has felt like it). On the contrary, I have been reasonably active and also eaten a lot of food. So here’s a pictorial romp through the back […]

What people search for to find irunbecauseilovefood

I’m a big fan of the analytics functionality built into WordPress. Love the little graph that tells you how many visitors you’ve had, finding out which posts are the most popular, and especially the search engine terms people have used to find the blog. Surprisingly enough, by far the biggest amount of search traffic comes […]

Eating and exercising: getting the balance right

British Military Fitness was so hard tonight, I can barely bear to blog about it. Not sure my legs had recovered from Monday, and it was Johnny again tonight with more hill sprints. I felt sick for the duration of the class. So onto an alternative subject that is close to my heart: food. More […]

I’m a man again

That’s according to the Telegraph‘s article this weekend, which features this little blog in an article entitled “Wellbeing on the web“: One man’s challenge to maintain sizeable lunch portions while competing in long distance races. Follow our hero’s brave rearguard action against the spare tyre in this rare health blog that speaks the language […]