Race review: GRIM Challenge 8

I spoke to a few people after the GRIM Challenge 8 on Sunday, namely my brother, various bods from British Military Fitness and a couple of other friends who did either the Saturday or Sunday event – and they were all buzzing, absolutely loved it. This was totally at odds with my own perception of […]

The importance of running races

My race tally this year hasn’t been quite as good as in previous years – just five to date with one more lined up for the weekend: Hardwick X-Stream 10k (February) Reading HM (March) Bracknell Forest 5 (June) Hampstead Midsummer 10k (June) Hellrunner (November) GRIM Challenge 8 (this Sunday) I’ve realised that this made me […]

Race report: Hellrunner, The Aftermath

Hellrunner review = hellishly late. Sorry, been a bit busy lately. Not sure it’s worth a full-on review at this point in time, suffice it to say it was a great race – as evidenced in the photos on Phil’s Flickr account. We’re all grinning like idiots. The highlights: Great race organisation – two sittings […]

Hellrunner training continues

Last weekend was a relatively quiet one, and Phil and I ran both Saturday and Sunday. We were visiting my parents on Saturday, and did a nice 4(ish) mile circuit around Verulamium, the Abbey and St Michael’s village which took an acceptable 35 minutes. However, I don’t think it was anywhere near enough to burn […]

Countdown to Hellrunner

Upon my return from Morocco last week, it dawned on me that there were only four weeks until Hellrunnner – and I hadn’t run for four weeks. And then it was only about a four-mile run. I don’t think four is my lucky number. The Hellrunner website says: HellRunner™ is over multi-terrain and varying underfoot […]

Getting better

I’ve managed to restore some semblance of normality to my exercise regime again, after a couple of weeks of doing not a lot. I’ve been much better at doing the exercises the osteopath gave me – primarily aimed at stretching out the hip flexors and glutes – over the past week, so hopefully won’t get […]