How not to train for the Reading half marathon

Get yourself a new job a few months before your scheduled half marathon. Start commuting on busy trains with Other People instead of driving yourself to work with no one else in the vicinity. Pick up several colds that hamper training, just as you should be ramping up the mileage. Attempt Janathon, but don’t worry […]

Half marathon training progress

After a two-week period of very little exercise – I managed only a couple of gym sessions¬† featuring the 5k challenge (I’m down to 26:47, which isn’t brilliant but is ok after being unwell) – it’s approaching decision-time on the Reading half marathon. I so desperately want to break two hours but with various bugs, […]

Janathon, day 15 – an enjoyable trot

Despite the windy conditions, I welcomed the run out on Saturday morning. Anything was better than more boring paperwork relating to my flat. I was actually prepared to do a six- or seven-miler in a bid to step up the half-marathon training, but then Phil suggested the run around the lakes, through town and home […]

Janathon, day 6 – variety is the spice of life

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this during Janathon, but isn’t running every single day just a tiny bit boring? I’ve been mixing things up a bit with running, spinning, the gym, kickboxing and – tonight – circuits. It actually wasn’t the greatest class, as it lacked a bit of variety, but my […]

Race report: St Albans Half Marathon

“I’d like to thank my sponsor, Imodium, for getting me to this point today,” said my uncle at my cousin’s wedding on Saturday as he opened his father-of-the-bride speech. I found out exactly how he felt when I crossed the line at the St Albans Half Marathon on Sunday morning. It was always going to […]

New challenge

I’m feeling more confident about the London-Brighton bike ride in ten days’ time, having been out again last weekend for a reasonable 15-ish mile ride. OK, it’s nowhere near the distance but at least I don’t feel like I’m going to hit the deck again every time I turn the handlebars. I felt noticeably more […]

Finch Coasters Woodland 5 (well, more like 6 actually)

One of my colleagues from work put me onto the Finch Coasters Woodland 5 Series the other day, which takes place over three Wednesday evenings in May, June and July. I’m always slightly nervous about events with small fields, for fear of coming last, but I need to rack up a few miles so I […]

Nike+ calibration confusion

Thought I’d try calibrating the Nike+ Sportband. I went out on my bike round the block, and measured a distance of 1.57 miles. Back home, I dumped my bike, switched on the Sportband and jogged round the same circuit. The Sportband measured 1.78 miles in 14:07 mins. So it was a bit out, but not […]


It’s been a week since my last blog. Contrary to probable assumptions, I have done some exercise; just been too busy at work to write about it. After my spinning class last Saturday, I headed out with some friends to the Reading Beer Festival. Only we didn’t quite make it, due to excessive queues, so […]

Time for tea

It’s 18:10 and I’m drinking my first cup of tea of the day. Anyone that knows me will find this rather surprising, but it’s been a busy one. Got up at 6am to go to the gym, and ran 5km in just over 30mins on the treadmill’s “sport training” mode, which included some nasty inclines […]