Me and Bump go to the gym

I haven’t been going to the gym much of late, preferring instead to blow away the cobwebs with short outdoor runs. But the descending temperatures last weekend sent me scurrying round to Gosling, only to find my membership had lapsed in early December. Oops. The nice lady on reception let me in anyway, and I […]

The importance of goals

My review of 2011 is going to be very short. A measly 33 blog posts and just one race under my belt says it all really, and I’m pretty sure those two stats are connected: a goal demands progress, and progress gives you something to write about. I also gave up British Military Fitness in […]

Janathon, day 24 – did they get the memo?

I had the luxury of a day off work on Monday, and was able to spend it exactly as I wanted. I spent two hours tidying the house, hoovered right through and even Cleaned The Bathroom. Given that I absolutely bloody hate cleaning, I felt quite saintly by the end of all that. Then, after […]

Janathon, day 16 – fuelled by paella

Day 16 in the Janathon house…over half-way then Janathoners. After a really rather tasty paella-cum-risotto (didn’t have any paella rice) complete with the biggest tiger prawns you’ve ever seen in your life from Costco, I slept like a log. Turned out, the paella (followed by bagels for breakfast) was ample fuel for a reasonably hard […]

Janathon, day 11 – tonight it’s ladies’ night…

But only at the Body Pump class and the candlelit swim session. Sadly, the Pump class was already underway when Phil and I arrived due to me getting muddled up with the timings, so we headed to the gym. But someone had swiped all the girls, leavingĀ  a load of boys covered in tattoos, pumping […]

Janathon, day 9

There was some energetic playtime involving cast members from Toy Story 3 and Cars with a six- and two-year-old on Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately it didn’t really make up for eating our bodyweight in beef during the course of Saturday evening (steak and chips) and Sunday lunch (roast beef and all the trimmings). So, having […]

Janathon, day 8 – 10k challenge

Cold and gloomy again Saturday morning, so sought sanctuary in the gym. Thought I might reinstate the 5k and 10k challenges, and completed 10k in 59:02. Some way to go to break that two-hour mark at the Reading half marathon, but at least I’m building up my mileage. Janathon activity: 10k run Time: 59:02

Janathon, day 3 – a run in return for cake

After the tortuous personal training session yesterday, it was with some trepidation that I eased myself into an upright position this morning. My worries were not unfounded. Taking things from the top, my shoulders, arms, wrists, back, stomach muscles, glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves all ached. My poor stomach muscles were the worst; even sneezing […]

Janathon, day 2 – personal training

I decided to take advantage of the freebie personal training session as part of the Christmas offer at Gosling. After a ten-minute warm-up on the cross-trainer, I ambled over to the desk to meet Annabel – a pint-sized peroxide blonde, who seemed nice enough. “Just hop on the treadmill and start warming up,” she said. […]

Power Plate

I’m still on sabbatical from British Military Fitness, so back to the gym I went last week, three times before work. It was touch and go whether I would go back after day one, when I witnessed a completely naked woman actually body-brushing every single crevice in the changing room. Right next to my stuff. […]