Race review: GRIM Challenge 8

I spoke to a few people after the GRIM Challenge 8 on Sunday, namely my brother, various bods from British Military Fitness and a couple of other friends who did either the Saturday or Sunday event – and they were all buzzing, absolutely loved it. This was totally at odds with my own perception of […]

Weather forecast

Thought I’d check out the weather forecast for Sunday’s GRIM Challenge. Rather wish I hadn’t; it looks…well…pretty grim. Still, let’s look on the bright side, at least it’s not likely to be as cold as last year’s race.

The importance of running races

My race tally this year hasn’t been quite as good as in previous years – just five to date with one more lined up for the weekend: Hardwick X-Stream 10k (February) Reading HM (March) Bracknell Forest 5 (June) Hampstead Midsummer 10k (June) Hellrunner (November) GRIM Challenge 8 (this Sunday) I’ve realised that this made me […]

Getting better

I’ve managed to restore some semblance of normality to my exercise regime again, after a couple of weeks of doing not a lot. I’ve been much better at doing the exercises the osteopath gave me – primarily aimed at stretching out the hip flexors and glutes – over the past week, so hopefully won’t get […]

GRIM Challenge photos

Available here. This is what I looked like when I hit the water. Yes, it was as cold as the look on my face would suggest. The girl next to me must have been possessed of thicker blood.

Race report: GRIM Challenge 8

“Expect to get very wet,” the race pack said. “-2.0 degrees”, my car said when I got into it on Sunday morning to drive to Aldershot for the GRIM Challenge. Oh good. Arrived in plenty of time, met my brother and his two mates – one of whom was about seven when I last saw […]

DIY circuit training

Phil’s ankle was sore this morning, so a run was out of the question in order for him to be in with a chance of running GRIM Challenge next weekend. I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t too disappointed not to be doing the uphill slog for two miles to the Heath. However, after a […]

Running frustrations

Headed up to Snorbs to meet my little brother for a British Military Fitness class on Saturday morning as planned. Dad came along too – out of genuine interest rather than a desire to embarrass his two sproglets – and luckily the camera was playing up so the episode was not recorded for posterity. It […]