The final countdown

This evening marked my final British Military Fitness session with the Prospect Park massive. It was a comfortable 13°C when I got out of the car, and spirits were running high… …until Instructor Dan told us we were all doing the fitness assessment, due to lack of additional staff. I actually thought it was a […]


I shall be jolly glad when January is over. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old bag, it’s not been the best of months. The period after Christmas and New Year is always a bit of an anti-climax; the snow, which was lovely when it was playtime, was quite inconvenient when it came […]

British Military Fitness assessment, part 2

BMF runs fitness assessments every four weeks, on the final Wednesday of the month in Reading. They’re designed to put members into the right categories (blue for beginners, red for intermediate, green for uber-fit).The first one I did in October put me into the red category. I couldn’t do November, there wasn’t one in December […]

Red alert

My fitness assessment results still hadn’t been posted on the British Military Fitness website this morning and – thinking I might have fallen off the bottom of the scale – I emailed them. A nice man called Keith emailed me back immediately, and sent the results back within an hour. Hi Jo Here are the […]

British Military Fitness Assessment #1

Shoulder recovered within a couple of days, but Thursday’s sore throat turned into a muzzy head on Friday, a streaming cold on Saturday and a cough on Sunday. The cough lingered and I had to be in London anyway, so I gave British Military Fitness a miss on Monday evening. By today, I’d gone a […]