Running after having a baby: my top tips

I managed two more little runs at the weekend – a 2.5-miler and a 3-miler, both very local to where we live so I could stagger home if it all got too much. It’s very early days, but I feel better with each run – both psychologically and physically. So here are my top tips […]

Sit-up #fail

My trainer tried to get me to do a sit-up on Monday. I couldn’t do it. Not even a little bit. I used to do dozens of them when I was doing British Military Fitness regularly. This upset me a bit. Then I thought, I went from this: To this: In nine months. No wonder […]

A change of pace

Daddy-to-be and I often joke that we live our lives “just in time”. I get up just in time to shower; wash, dry and straighten my hair; get dressed and do my make-up. Phil gets up 15 minutes later, just in time to get into the shower I have just stepped out of. I leave […]

Me and Bump go to the gym

I haven’t been going to the gym much of late, preferring instead to blow away the cobwebs with short outdoor runs. But the descending temperatures last weekend sent me scurrying round to Gosling, only to find my membership had lapsed in early December. Oops. The nice lady on reception let me in anyway, and I […]

Juneathon – day 30 (the end)

JogBlog made it quite clear earlier today that Juneathoners had to run on the last day of Juneathon, so I donned my trainers when I got home from work and ran about two and a half miles around the block. Not exactly a world-beating time or distance, but I was already feeling a bit stiff […]