The importance of goals

My review of 2011 is going to be very short. A measly 33 blog posts and just one race under my belt says it all really, and I’m pretty sure those two stats are connected: a goal demands progress, and progress gives you something to write about. I also gave up British Military Fitness in […]

I would walk 500 miles…

December has not been a good month for proper exercise, dear readers. It’s all this snow and flu – not conducive to being outdoors for longer than absolutely necessary. As some of you will know, I also started a new job in November. Although I’m not working the same long hours as I was before, […]

The final countdown

This evening marked my final British Military Fitness session with the Prospect Park massive. It was a comfortable 13°C when I got out of the car, and spirits were running high… …until Instructor Dan told us we were all doing the fitness assessment, due to lack of additional staff. I actually thought it was a […]

All change

I’ve spent the past few weeks preparing for two big moves: a new job and a new home. In theory, I should have had more time for running and blogging during my notice period; but I’ve been packing, decorating, moving a colossal amount of stuff into Phil’s house, having boring meetings with surveyors and solicitors, […]

Lost my mojo

This month, Runner’s World ran a piece on Paula Radcliffe’s career highs and lows, and plotted them on a sort-of happiness graph. High points included her London Marathon world record, winning the NYC marathon and having her first child. Lows were her various injury setbacks and dropping out of the Athens Olympic marathon. If I […]

Queen of Planks

After more than two weeks off with a cough and phlegmy chest, I did two short and painful runs near Phil’s last weekend and didn’t really enjoy them at all. Had a better time at British Military Fitness on the Tuesday with (Instructor) Kev from Camberley. I decided I wasn’t up for a complete beasting […]

BMFers: an “anti-social menace”

This week is turning into a monumentally bad one for one reason or another. I can’t even get my fresh air fix, which normally helps me to gain a bit of perspective, because I’ve still got a nasty cough. After ten days, I’m fed up with the sound of my own lungs trying to make […]

Juneathon (aborted)

As regular readers might have gathered, I failed in my Juneathon mission mid-way through the month. After the chav-spotting escapade on day 13, I did follow up with two back-to-back British Military Fitness sessions on days 14 and 15. However, it was game over after that. Friends in need, pressure of work – there are […]

Juneathon, day 7 (all aboard the train to Pressupsville)

“Beautiful evening,” Instructor Dan said, as two sideways raindrops landed inside my left ear, thereby proving the point that British Military Fitness instructors occasionally lack a full grasp of reality. They also possess a faint disregard for the fitness of mere mortals. This evening’s session incorporated 3.4 miles of running, and well over 150 press-ups, […]

Juneathon, day 4 (get on your dancing shoes)

The turnaround between work and play was even shorter on Friday night: just 20 minutes to get myself clean and changed before heading out to the comedy club in Reading for a British Military Fitness social, so there wasn’t even time for a five-minute abs workout. Instead, I donned my dancing shoes after the comedy […]