Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride (London-Barmouth-Dolgellau)

Booking bikes onto trains isn’t easy. Most of them are only able to transport two or three bikes at a time, and there were 12 of us trying to get into Barmouth last Thursday – not counting anyone else outside of our group. As a consequence, Phil and I had to leave London at 6am […]

Buns of steel

The Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride: 313.11 miles in 3 and a bit days fuelled by enough chocolate to keep the Easter bunny in business during a recession and no need to hitch a lift in the support vehicle (aka “the van of shame”) Woo-hoo!!! Day-by-day account to follow…

Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride – the journey begins

So since my last post, I’ve managed very little in the way of physical exercise – one more British Military Fitness class and a bit of dancing at my Mum’s 60th birthday party. I considered a spinning class this morning, then swiftly decided that was a daft idea. Reactions to the next challenge range from […]

Hello Norwich Evening News readers

I’m the lucky recipient of another newspaper plug, this time from some lovely folk in East Anglia. I’ll be visiting there at Easter when I cycle over from Barmouth (that’s in Wales) to Yarmouth. You think marathon runners all eat scientifically formulated micro-biotic diets? Think again. This blog proves that even the most ardent fitness […]

Legs eleven

Rather foolishly, I have agreed to a two-wheeled challenge over Easter weekend. Along with a group of friends, I will be cycling from Barmouth to Yarmouth, the so-called BarYar Challenge. When I agreed to this, I didn’t actually realise they meant Barmouth on the west coast of Wales to Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. For those […]