Shopping by bike

I decided enough was enough yesterday, I needed to remind the muscles in my legs what they were there for. So I dusted off my bike – I know, I know, it hasn’t been used since the Barmouth-Yarmouth ride at Easter – and wobbled off over to the other side of Reading. There was an […]

Rest and routine

It took a few days to recover from the Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride, to the extent that I did nothing on the exercise front for almost a week and took the opportunity to rest. Back into some semblance of a routine since then: Sunday, 19 April – 4.5-mile run around Hampstead Heath (tried out […]

Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride (London-Barmouth-Dolgellau)

Booking bikes onto trains isn’t easy. Most of them are only able to transport two or three bikes at a time, and there were 12 of us trying to get into Barmouth last Thursday – not counting anyone else outside of our group. As a consequence, Phil and I had to leave London at 6am […]

Has spring sprung, or not?

Saturday was a beautiful morning, so I set off from my flat at 8.30am and added around six and a half miles to the six that I’d done at the gym the previous evening. That total is not far off the distance I need to do next weekend, but unfortunately I won’t be able to […]