Rest and routine

It took a few days to recover from the Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride, to the extent that I did nothing on the exercise front for almost a week and took the opportunity to rest. Back into some semblance of a routine since then: Sunday, 19 April – 4.5-mile run around Hampstead Heath (tried out […]

Barmouth-Yarmouth bike ride (Norwich-Great Yarmouth)

And the end was in sight… Route: Out of Norwich on minor roads through Little Plumstead and Panxworth; then onto the noisy A47 at Acle and into Great Yarmouth for a paddle. 23 miles Fuel: A more filling, if lukewarm, Travelodge breakfast – bowl of muesli, scrambled eggs and beans on toast. Celebratory fish and […]

Barmouth-Yarmouth bike ride (Peterborough-Norwich)

Another crap night’s sleep, but a much heartier breakfast at the Peterborough Alwalton Premier Inn set us up nicely for the next leg of our adventure. Route: Out of Peterborough on the A605 to Whittlesea; a wiggle down minor roads (and a peculiar cycle path that took us randomly around a field on bone-shaking rocky, […]

Barmouth-Yarmouth bike ride (Stoke-Peterborough)

After an average night’s sleep in the Stoke Talke Travelodge – not so much a symptom of a lumpy bed as the start of a sore throat – we were off on day two…and it was a biggie. Route: A lengthy crossing of Stoke from the north-west out south-east to Uttoxeter; minor roads through Tutbury, […]

Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride (Dolgellau-Stoke)

Route: From Dolgellau along the A494 to Bala; A5 to Llangollen for lunch; A539 to Whitchurch; A525 to outskirts of Stoke-on-Trent then a wiggle through Alsagers Bank and Audley to Talke (north-west of Stoke). Undulating from Dolgellau to Llangollen, a bit hilly from Llangollen to Whitchurch, and bloody hilly around Stoke. 89 miles Fuel: Bowl […]

Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride (London-Barmouth-Dolgellau)

Booking bikes onto trains isn’t easy. Most of them are only able to transport two or three bikes at a time, and there were 12 of us trying to get into Barmouth last Thursday – not counting anyone else outside of our group. As a consequence, Phil and I had to leave London at 6am […]

Buns of steel

The Barmouth to Yarmouth bike ride: 313.11 miles in 3 and a bit days fuelled by enough chocolate to keep the Easter bunny in business during a recession and no need to hitch a lift in the support vehicle (aka “the van of shame”) Woo-hoo!!! Day-by-day account to follow…