Janathon, day 8 – 10k challenge

Cold and gloomy again Saturday morning, so sought sanctuary in the gym. Thought I might reinstate the 5k and 10k challenges, and completed 10k in 59:02. Some way to go to break that two-hour mark at the Reading half marathon, but at least I’m building up my mileage. Janathon activity: 10k run Time: 59:02

Race review: Hardwick X-Stream

It hasn’t been too good a week for exercise, blogging or sleep – mainly because I over-committed myself seeing various friends on consecutive nights then attended the bizarre Reading Twestival another evening. As a consequence I haven’t been the nicest person to spend time with this weekend. In fact, I’ve been Little Miss Grumpy. My […]

So far, so good

Abstained from alcohol last night, had a healthy vegetable pasta meal and was in bed by 10pm last night. Went to the gym this morning and ran 10k/6 miles in 60 mins. I rarely run at any other speed – and I’m good at pacing other people, as long as they run 10-minute miles! At […]

Race report: Nike Human Race 10k

A belated race report, as I went on holiday about four hours after completing the race last Sunday. The good bits: Well organised, well publicised event by Nike. They might not make great running shoes, but they sure as hell know how to run and market an event. Great start inside Wembley Stadium after set […]

Going for gold

Congratulations to the GB team for bringing home 19 gold medals out of a total of 47. What a fantastic boost to the 2012 team, and a thorough “up yours” to all of the people moaning about how much money the Games will cost us. Isn’t it all worth it? I’m not a big sport […]

Race report: Bupa Great Capital 10k

Early start yesterday, but arrived at Hyde Park in plenty of time – unlike my old running partner, LB. He scoffed at my intention to get there at 9am for a 10.30 start, left home in Ware a good hour later than me, discovered his train was cancelled, got on a bus which got lost, […]