I run because I particularly love cake

If it’s Wednesday morning, it must be coffee-and-cake-with-the-NCT-girls. Today I was also anticipating an afternoon visit from an old friend that would involve more cake. In fact, I made a few fairy cakes first thing this morning, licking the bowl – obviously – to save on washing up. Or something. 

Feeling somewhat adventurous, I looked out of the window, decided I could darn well do battle with the weather and set off with the little’un in the Baby Jogger. I thought it would be a little unsociable to arrive dripping with sweat, so effected a swift walk-run to cover the 0.7 miles for our meet-up, whereupon (with the baby fast asleep in the Baby Jogger) I happily accepted a coffee, a piece of Madeira cake and a chocolate chip cookie.

Luuuurve da cake

Luuuurve da cake


After much gasbagging and cooing over the babies, it was time to wend my way home – by which time, it was blowing a gale with the added bonus of torrential rain. With Baby tucked up in her snowsuit under the rain cover, I jogged home – against the wind and driving rain – and arrived absolutely soaking wet. By way of a reward for these exertions, I made a sandwich and followed it up with one of the aforementioned fairy cakes.

The afternoon brought my friend, more lively chat, tea and,…ahem…one more fairy cake. (Well, it would have been rude not to, right?)

I suspect the calories expended during 1.4 miles of jogging (albeit with a buggy on a mighty windy day) did not offset the amount of calories consumed in cake.



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    Wow, that’s some impressive cake consumption, well done! This reminded me of my jaunts with Hector in the running buggy to various playgroups and the like. People got used to me rolling up ‘glowing’, head-to-toe in lycra. All the more cake for you, running mum!

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