Advice and support

One of the interesting things about signing up for a triathlon is other people’s reactions when you tell them. The vast majority – including all of my girlfriends and almost everyone at work – look at me as if I am completely insane.   My Dad seemed … [Continue reading]

The wobbles

I’m not very good at this blogging malarky, sorry; will try harder. Work has been a bit busy – last week I spent three nights away from home in Reading, London, Derby and Nottingham. Despite this, I managed two gym sessions, a five-mile run in … [Continue reading]

Bricking it

A recent edition of Runner’s World tells me that training for a triathlon will give me the body of a film star. Hmmm. I think this is unlikely unless they’re referring to Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones. I’m a bit on the bottom-heavy side and love … [Continue reading]

The challenge

I turned 30 last month, and I thought this was as good a reason as any to set myself a new fitness challenge. Inspired by my Dad, I have already completed two London marathons and seven or eight half-marathons over the past few years.  Time to try … [Continue reading]