New wheels!

I indulged in a bit of retail therapy yesterday…and came home with a shiny new Baby Jogger running buggy. I’ve been thinking of investing in one for a while because of the time it’s taking for Phil and I to get our runs in relay-style at the weekend. The buggy means I can run during the week with the munchkin, and we might even get the odd family run in together at the weekend (Phil can push, then I might keep up with him).

I took it out for its first little spin today. It was my first run in five weeks since my operation and it’s blowing a hoolie outside – so it was more of a 20-minute walk-run.

Here’s the little’un on the way out. None too sure about the new chariot frankly:

Inaugural ride

Gearing up for the inaugural ride


What the hell?



Ten minutes later, she was fast asleep. I think she likes it.

Snug as a bug

Snug as a bug

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