Daddy or chips?

Running after having a baby (like everything else after having a baby) requires a degree of planning. Whereas pre-Baby, the hubby and I would have jogged off for a run whenever suited us during the course of a weekend, we now have to plan two separate runs a day around a little unpredictable person. It takes more than twice as long, because we’re going independently of one another and we have to work around feeds and sleep.

I prefer to run in the morning if possible – always have done – so my running slot is usually after our breakfast and after feeding Baby. Then I come back, leap into the shower and take over Baby duty so Phil can go off for his run. Teamwork is paramount…especially if we also have plans to go out or see other people later on in the day.

The trouble is, our unpredictable darling has been going through a phase of waking up three, four or even five times a night. Morning arrives, and Phil and I seem to have spent the night doing an endless cycle of feeding-burping-settling. To go, or not to go, for a run when my allocated slot arrives?

I am reminded of the McCain ad, “Daddy or Chips”? My dilemma is Run or Sleep? I’m afraid, readers, much as I love my running, sleep has won the battle on more than one occasion lately.



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    Sometimes I scratch my head at articles about mothers who regain their shape in a few weeks and then power ahead with their previous life. It is just weird. The early months, before sleep settles down, are mostly a blur and only about coping and survival. The fact that you have already established some sort of running regime (even if patchy) is admirable

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