Welwyn Garden City half marathon

Most people haven’t heard of Welwyn Garden City. It’s where I live with my hubby and baby, a leafy “new town” in Hertfordshire. It hasn’t got any decent pubs, nor many decent restaurants or a cinema – but it’s nice enough, it’s surrounded by countryside, it’s an easy commute into London and property prices are […]

South Coast Triathlon results

The official results are out on the event website: click here. I’m relieved that I didn’t compete on Sunday, as there were even fewer female participants – although it appears that I wouldn’t have been the last out of the water on Sunday (unless their transitions were really slow).   My training regime has ground to […]


Saturday started at 5am when I woke up in Eastbourne’s smallest hotel room and was unable to get back to sleep again. The hotel did have location on its side, and I was able to peek out of the curtains to view the sea conditions. I was relieved to find the water was pretty flat, […]

Brave or stupid?

Have had an absolutely frantic week at work and thought I might be coming down with a sore throat, so haven’t done any exercise since Monday: is this what they call tapering down? Used the time to “carbo-load” instead (some sensible pasta, as well as some not-so-sensible flapjack and chocolate).  Also had a minor panic […]

Skyline, spinning and smoothies

I kept my word to myself yesterday, and ran my favourite route around Bath’s Skyline. You can join the trail about half a mile from our flat, so the total run is about seven miles. Unfortunately, the first two miles are uphill with barely a break. Once you’re up high though, you are rewarded with […]

One week to go…

I’ve had a little twinge in my lower back for the past couple of days. I’d like to say this was a result of over-training, but the reality is that it had something to do with going karting with a crowd from work on Wednesday evening. I should have gone for a run or swim […]

What goes around comes around

I’ve been taking the proverbial out of my tri training partner, Phil, for falling off his bike on the odd occasion as he gets used to using cleats. This came back to bite me on the bum (and knee and elbow) last night when, as I was standing completely still on the pavement with my […]

Open water

Managed to get out of the swim on Thursday in favour of a sail on the Dart with Talan and Rhonda (another sailing novice) to Turnaware Beach where we had a picnic with the others. It was a gusty day, which made being out on the trapeze a slightly scary experience. One particularly severe blast […]

Time goes by…so slowly

I timed the swim today: 33 minutes in total, (about 16 each way with a minute’s breather at the pub). Not good – on the basis that 1,500m takes me about 35 minutes in the pool, our swim to the Pandora and back is much less than a mile. How depressing.   Still, I think the […]