How to run with a running buggy


I’ve been running with the Baby Jogger Summit X3 for a year now. A full review is frankly long overdue, but in summary it’s been a fab purchase. But when I bought it, I couldn’t find much info on how to actually run with it. So here are my top tips* for running with a […]

New wheels!

Inaugural ride

I indulged in a bit of retail therapy yesterday…and came home with a shiny new Baby Jogger running buggy. I’ve been thinking of investing in one for a while because of the time it’s taking for Phil and I to get our runs in relay-style at the weekend. The buggy means I can run during […]

Training for two

Finally, a gym top that fits me and Bump… There is a range of these tops available at fortwofitness over in the States, but ordering from there incurs a $40 postage fee for those of us living in Blighty. I got mine from fitnfabulous – limited styles and colours, but normal UK P&P fee. The […]

Running during pregnancy: the second trimester (and what to wear?)

At 24 weeks, I’m approaching the end of my second trimester now and continuing with a weekly run of some description. A typical weekend jaunt is a fairly slow three miles or so around the lakes near our house for about 35-40 minutes, trying to think of anything that distracts me from needing a wee […]

Running and pregnancy: my first trimester

I was doing quite well on the running and fitness front over the summer. I was in reasonable shape for our wedding at the end of June and even went to the gym three times on honeymoon (admittedly under duress). Post-honeymoon, I’d signed up for an October half-marathon in Leicester, and I was on track […]

Shock Absorber Run B5044 sports bra

Ladies, if you love your boobs and run – go out and buy one of these. You can read the tech spec over on the Shock Absorber website if you wish; but I can tell you that you don’t even know you have breasts when you’re running with one on. And if that isn’t a […]

Janathon bonus: anyone want a new pair of trail shoes?

Some time ago, I was sent a new pair of shoes for review by the lovely chaps at Fitness Footwear. Sadly, they don’t really fit my feet. They’re a good looking pair of Hi-Tec V-Lite Infinity trail shoes, as per the pic above. The label ‚Ä®says they’re a UK size 7 and US size 8, […]

The nights are drawing in

Despite the significantly cooler temperatures and fading daylight, I’ve made it to British Military Fitness twice this week – on Monday and this evening. I couldn’t believe the difference between this week, and when I last went about four weeks ago: it was as dark at the start as it had been at the end […]


I was told off by a number of my fellow BMF-ers last night over our monthly pint of shandy for not blogging much lately. In my defence, I was away for a few days last week, and prior to that hadn’t been doing very much what with the back/bottom/hip niggle. Thanks to my dedication to […]