30-day plank challenge: a cure for cabin fever?

30-day plank challenge chart

I’ve got cabin fever. Haven’t been running for four weeks now, following surgery on my…ahem…nether regions. Let’s just say some repair work was required after Baby was born last May.┬áSince clients and colleagues may be reading this, we’ll skip the gory details and leave it there. All rather inconvenient, since I was hoping to complete […]

Sit-up #fail

My trainer tried to get me to do a sit-up on Monday. I couldn’t do it. Not even a little bit. I used to do dozens of them when I was doing British Military Fitness regularly. This upset me a bit. Then I thought, I went from this: To this: In nine months. No wonder […]

On the (slow) road to recovery

Twelve weeks ago today, I gave birth to a perfect little girl, a much-wanted first child for Phil and I. I’ll spare you the details of the sleepless nights, epic poos and the bit of sick that has become a permanent feature on my left shoulder. Suffice it to say, I wouldn’t have it any […]