I run because I particularly love cake

Luuuurve da cake

If it’s Wednesday morning, it must be coffee-and-cake-with-the-NCT-girls. Today I was also anticipating an afternoon visit from an old friend that would involve more cake. In fact, I made a few fairy cakes first thing this morning, licking the bowl – obviously – to save on washing up. Or something.  Feeling somewhat adventurous, I looked […]

Running and pregnancy: my first trimester

I was doing quite well on the running and fitness front over the summer. I was in reasonable shape for our wedding at the end of June and even went to the gym three times on honeymoon (admittedly under duress). Post-honeymoon, I’d signed up for an October half-marathon in Leicester, and I was on track […]

Review: Fox’s Mini Melts & Rocky Rocks

School dinners in my time were of the pre-Jamie-makeover variety: deep-fried, chips with everything. After two days at secondary school, my Mum switched me to packed lunches and off I went every day with my tupperware box containing a round of sandwiches, some fruit and one Treat. Sandwich fillings were typically Heinz sandwich spread, corned […]

Fox’s goodies for review

Many thanks to Fox’s rep at Cow PR for the opportunity to review Fox’s new “Rocky Rocks” and “Mini Melts” products. I’ve decided to crowdsource some feedback for a full review by sharing them with my colleagues. So far, my favourite comment is: “Cow PR?! OH MY GOD that’s the best name EVER!”  

First harvest

I never thought I’d be remotely interested in gardening. Then again, as an adult, I’d never had a garden until I moved in with Phil last November. Neither of us has the faintest clue what we’re doing, to be honest, but we’re actually having fun trying. This is the garden when Phil first moved in, […]

How not to train for the Reading half marathon

Get yourself a new job a few months before your scheduled half marathon. Start commuting on busy trains with Other People instead of driving yourself to work with no one else in the vicinity. Pick up several colds that hamper training, just as you should be ramping up the mileage. Attempt Janathon, but don’t worry […]

From Russia with love (and bugs)

I spent the first part of this week in Russia with work – Moscow this time for a summit with clients and their Russian agency. It’s a long way to go for a day-long meeting, and you seem to spend another two days getting there and back, but I’m awfully lucky to be able to […]

Janathon, days 25-28 – under the weather

Is there a Janathon lurgy doing the rounds? If so, I’ve succumbed to it too. Felt peaky on Wednesday, slightly worse on Thursday and awful on Friday morning. Decided to work from home yesterday to avoid the cold air and more germs, and didn’t leave the house all day. So, 28 January was the first […]

Janathon, day 16 – fuelled by paella

Day 16 in the Janathon house…over half-way then Janathoners. After a really rather tasty paella-cum-risotto (didn’t have any paella rice) complete with the biggest tiger prawns you’ve ever seen in your life from Costco, I slept like a log. Turned out, the paella (followed by bagels for breakfast) was ample fuel for a reasonably hard […]

Janathon, day 9

There was some energetic playtime involving cast members from Toy Story 3 and Cars with a six- and two-year-old on Sunday afternoon, but unfortunately it didn’t really make up for eating our bodyweight in beef during the course of Saturday evening (steak and chips) and Sunday lunch (roast beef and all the trimmings). So, having […]