Welwyn Garden City half marathon

Most people haven’t heard of Welwyn Garden City. It’s where I live with my hubby and baby, a leafy “new town” in Hertfordshire. It hasn’t got any decent pubs, nor many decent restaurants or a cinema – but it’s nice enough, it’s surrounded by countryside, it’s an easy commute into London and property prices are […]

Race review: Herts 10k

Standing shivering on the start line of the Herts 10k on Sunday morning, horizontal rain battering my right ear drum, I did wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew. It was five months and six days since I had my baby and I’d only decided to run the day before. With […]

Juneathon – day 21 (Hampstead Midsummer 10k race review)

I’d previously ruled out doing the Hampstead Midsummer 10k, local to Phil, on the basis that it was a three-lap course around a residential area. I don’t much enjoy laps, especially ones that contain a massive big hill; and it seemed a shame to run around the roads when the Heath itself is gorgeously green […]

New music and my first run for two weeks

Today was a good day. Everyone at work was in a fab mood, the birds were twittering outside my office window, Brenda (my plant) was very happy basking in the sunshine and a client said “thank you”. I also discovered Spotify today. That is to say that I’d heard the name quite a bit but […]

Race review: Hardwick X-Stream

It hasn’t been too good a week for exercise, blogging or sleep – mainly because I over-committed myself seeing various friends on consecutive nights then attended the bizarre Reading Twestival another evening. As a consequence I haven’t been the nicest person to spend time with this weekend. In fact, I’ve been Little Miss Grumpy. My […]

10k Challenge

I pretty much run at one speed: 10k/6 miles per hour, whether I’m running 5k or a half marathon. I’m a great pacer at that speed and can slow down other people if they set off too fast, or speed them up if they’re lagging. But that’s been my speed for the eight or so […]

Race report: Nike Human Race 10k

A belated race report, as I went on holiday about four hours after completing the race last Sunday. The good bits: Well organised, well publicised event by Nike. They might not make great running shoes, but they sure as hell know how to run and market an event. Great start inside Wembley Stadium after set […]