Baby’s first swimming lesson

One of the things we are keen to do with Baby* is to get her used to swimming at a very early age. The hubby was never keen on swimming as a youngster; but I loved it, after lessons as a wee baby. So we enrolled our daughter into the nearest swim school as soon as she got her jabs out of the way at four months .

Three minutes into her first lesson, and the mummies have been holding the babies under their arms and gently bopping them up and down in the water so they can wiggle their legs and get used to the sensation. The teacher tells us to shift position, tucking the babies under one arm, so they can look down at the water. Pretty simple, right?

Apparently not.

I manage to drop my little swimmer head first into the water, completely submerging her and somehow have to catch her underwater.

I’m clearly a total shoe-in for the “mummy of the year” award.


Post-swimming, apparently unaffected by the unscheduled dunk

Post-swimming, apparently unaffected by the unscheduled dunk


* Not her actual name; this isn’t Dirty Dancing. I’m not keen on using her given name on the blog, but not sure what nickname to give her yet…

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