30-day plank challenge: a cure for cabin fever?

I’ve got cabin fever. Haven’t been running for four weeks now, following surgery on my…ahem…nether regions. Let’s just say some repair work was required after Baby was born last May. Since clients and colleagues may be reading this, we’ll skip the gory details and leave it there. All rather inconvenient, since I was hoping to complete a half-marathon well inside a year after giving birth but I’ve had to shelve those plans.

I barely left the house for two weeks after my op, and needed quite a bit of help looking after the munchkin. Thankfully, I am on the mend now, managing to get out and walk a couple of miles at a time and do a little bit of Pilates work at home.

But I feel like I need a different challenge – and one that doesn’t involve giving up alcohol, chocolate or caffeine.

So here it is:

30-day plank challenge chart

30-day plank challenge. Brave or stupid?

I used to be pretty good at planking  – could certainly do a good three or four minutes when I was doing British Military Fitness classes regularly. Can I do five minutes in a month’s time? I’ll let you know…

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